Registration will be complete with a Lamoille Valley Dance Academy Registration Form, a $25 Registration Fee per student, or a $45 Family Registration Fee for the entire academic year, and one of the payment options offered by LVDA.


Tuition payment should accompany the Registration Form by September 4, 2018. Tuition can be paid Annually or Semi-Annually. A Quarterly Payment Plan is available for Annual or Multi-Class selections ONLY. The Quarterly plan divides the classes into four equal payments and does not reflect the number of classes per month. The first payment is due with the registration on September 4, 2018 and the following payments are due November 5, 2018, January 7, 2019, and March 11, 2019. Semi-Annual payments are due at registration and January 7, 2019. Payments may be conveniently and automatically charged on a credit card. Although quarterly payments may be made with a check or cash, A CREDIT CARD MUST BE ON FILE WITH LVDA’S INSTALLMENT PLAN to ensure timely payment. The credit card will be charged if the payment has not been received by the payment date listed above.
A $15 Late Fee will be added to all payments not received by quarterly payment date.
A $25 Penalty Fee will be charged for returned checks.

Please note Tuition Policies WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. By registering with LVDA, families acknowledge the responsibilty of making timely payments on their LVDA account. Although multiple individuals may be sharing tuition payments, the parent/guardian signing the registration form will be ultimately responsible for all fees.  


Discounts for Sibling, Annual, or Semi-Annual payments are given to students enrolling in September. DISCOUNTS DO NOT APPLY to enrollment in January.


All students participating in the Spring Performance/Gymnastics Showcase will have a Costume Fee of $65.00 per class/costume.
*Costume fees DUE by December 5, 2018. A $10 Late Fee will be applied to all late payments after the due date.


Please note that enrollment for LVDA’s program is for the entire academic year September 4, 2018 through May 6, 2019. There are no refunds, although credits may apply if a student withdraws before January 7, 2019. There is no credit option after January 7, 2019. Missed classes may be made-up with other classes, pending teacher approval. A written notice or email is required for withdrawal or the student is considered still registered at LVDA and tuition payments will continue to be charged.


Cancellations for snow days will be announced on the LVDA voicemail, the website, and the LVDA Families Info Facebook page after 1pm. Due to changing weather conditions, school closings DO NOT automatically indicate class cancellations. LVDA classes WILL BE IN SESSION during in-service school closings. Every effort will be made to make up cancellations due to weather, however this may not always be possible.  


Consistent class attendance of LVDA students is required to ensure proper progression and camaraderie with fellow students. Multiple missed classes may result in dismissal from the program with no tuition reimbursement. Please refer to the Our Calendar.

Class Placement

Level placement for students will be strictly decided by the Artistic Director and LVDA faculty. A student typically remains in a class level for 2-3 years. It is our goal to ensure their progression and enjoyment in LVDA classes.


Students and parents are asked to respect and follow the rules and regulations of LVDA. Proper conduct and good behavior are mandatory for establishing a healthy learning environment. A documented Warning Policy will record 3 events of student misconduct, which will require a director/parent meeting. LVDA reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a student whose attitude or conduct has become unsatisfactory. Tuition will not be refunded if a student is dismissed from LVDA.

Studio Announcements

Parents are asked to read all notices posted on the Studio Bulletin Board, LVDA Families Info Facebook page, lamoillevalleydance.com, and through our emails. Parents must be responsible and proactive in keeping informed of current LVDA information and updates.

Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities

A student 10 years of age or younger must be supervised by that student’s parent/caregiver before class and all students picked up promptly after class has ended. Parents must not rely on other present adults for supervision. Students and families must remain on studio site and refrain from wandering off LVDA premises for reasons of liability. Absolutely no smoking on any of the LVDA premises.